TEP hunts for lands to build renewable energy plants in order to enhance energy access and sustain socio-economical development of local communities.

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TEP can build in record time highly efficient and cost-effective renewable energy plants using state-of-the-art technologies.

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We only use the capital for a positive change! TEP welcomes investors who put people and ethical values at the core of their activities, to build together sustainable green energy projects.

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“Stop thinking in the past and get ahead of the unconceivable”: TEP invests in research & development (R&D) and in innovation to improve the quality and the efficiency of its projects, processes and operations.

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TEP is at your doorstep for a more sustainable living. Green cities are good for the planet and for all.

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"Stop thinking in the past and get ahead of the unconceivable"

WE ARE a diverse, multicultural team. Our founders have 35 years of internationally garnered experience in plant engineering and power generation. Blended with their expertise is the genius, enthusiasm, ambition, courage and continuous search for innovative techniques of our young talents

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WE WANT to make a sustainable difference to the world we live in designing and delivering successful, robust and bankable turnkey, utility scale, renewable energy projects using state-of-the-art proven technology, which will produce clean, reliable and affordable power for consumers in Europe and the Americas.

WE BELIEVE that gender equality is not only an issue of fairness but also, for companies, a matter of attracting the best staff.

Green cities are good for the planet and for all

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