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Protecting people is TEP’s number one priority. We are firmly committed to protecting the health, safety and security of all our employees, other persons working at our premises and those who may otherwise be affected by our activities.

TEP creates and maintains safety as an integrated part of working, where everyone is expected to follow the Think–Alert–Act–Care principle.

Each employee has a personal responsibility to commit to and contribute to the creation of a safe workplace, to act safely and to react to shortcomings and risky behaviours in the surroundings.

Health & Safety is particularly material for the project teams who are working on the clients’ sites.

TEP is required and committed to operating in accordance to the client’s health and safety instructions as applicable in the project management plans. We also expect suppliers and business partners to commit to TEP’s health and safety requirements and, ultimately, those of the client.

The risk of accidents and injuries is reduced through continuous mapping, analysis and evaluation at all stages of work. The objective is to minimise potential risks as early as possible. The performance is controlled and reviewed on a regular basis in local entities, businesses and TEP’s top management.

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