All the benefits of solar power without giving up valuable agricultural land.

Artwork by Attila Perle

The introduction of solar power to farmland is not a new concept, for many years ground mounted solar systems have been installed on farmland.  Whilst this provides sustainable energy generation, it often results in the loss of valuable and productive agricultural land.


But now, we believe that we provide the ultimate solution to this problem.

Working closely with our partners to incorporate patented technology, we design, install and commission agro-photovoltaic systems that include:

  • Solar panels suspended high above the ground on a robust tensile structure, high enough to accommodate regular farm machinery below.
  • Suitably spaced solar panels with active shadow management to carefully balance the sunlight between the solar panels and the crops below.
  • Solar panels that track the path of the sun to maximise power generation.
  • An innovative low footprint structure, resulting in minimal loss of agricultural land.

You no longer need to choose between solar power and agriculture!

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