Innofarm PV

All the benefits of solar power without giving up

valuable agricultural land.

Artwork by Attila Perle

The introduction of solar power to farmland is not a new concept. For many years, ground mounted solar systems have been installed on farmland. However, up until now sustainable energy generation was at the price of a loss of valuable and productive agricultural land.

Innofarm PV resolves this dilemma by offering a great solution for a dual use of the farmland.

Innofarm PV incorporates:

  • Solar panels that track the path of the sun to maximise power generation.
  • An innovative design that allows sunlight to reach the ground that is below the system.
  • An innovative low footprint structure, resulting in a minimal loss of agricultural land.
  • A smart LED lighting system that has been proven to help stimulate further crop growth when there is not enough solar light for the crops.
  • A crop irrigation system attached to the solar panels to cool but also to help regulate the temperature of the crops underneath.

With Innofarm PV, the farmer no longer needs to choose between solar power and agriculture!

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